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Guide for Authors

Our journal covers the works devoted to the current issues of chemistry and fluorine technology and fluorine containing compounds. Along with the original scientific articles our journal accepts ready-to-publish reviews.

The materials are to be sent for the e-mail:

The editors accept articles from Russian and foreign authors in Russian or English.

An article containing the results of studies conducted in Russian Federation establishments must be provided with an accompanying letter and expert’s conclusion of this particular establishment.

Chemical nomenclature, abbreviations and symbols must follow IUPAC rules.

Every scientific article of the journal being published must contain the following data:

  1. Contact Authors’ Data:
    • Full name (inc. surname, given name(s)) - (for all authors);
    • Company name and full address;
    • E-mail;
    • Contact Telephone.
  2. Artcile Title
  3. Abstract (Summary, which should contain short explanation of main methods and studies results)
  4. Key words
  5. References
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